Sony Ericsson


I offer remote unlock and repair IMEI phone Sony Ericsson

Requirements for Remote unlock and repair:

– usb cable

– high-speed Internet

– wire to perform testpoint

Download and install these three programs from links below

1. Teamviewer (3069 downloads)

2. USB Client 3.0 (3840 downloads)

3. Octoplus suite 1.2.9 (1657 downloads)

4. 4SE 1.9.1 (1032 downloads)

Phone must be:

– phone must have stock rom

– phone must be have enable debugin

Go to Menu->Settings->Applications->Development.

Turn on ?USB Debugging? option.

If you want to repair imei please first send me two pictures on

First photo – view of the damaged IMEI code by typing *#06#

Second photo -€“ view your IMEI from sticker under the battery, or label from the box

Phones with new security features are not supported, they are mainly phones manufactured after 12W13.


Supported models:

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SonyEricsson E10a/i

SonyEricsson E15a/i

SonyEricsson E16a/i

SonyEricsson IS07

SonyEricsson IS11S

SonyEricsson LT15a/at/i

SonyEricsson LT18a/i

SonyEricsson MK16a/i

SonyEricsson MT11a/i

SonyEricsson MT15a/i

SonyEricsson R800a/at/i/x

SonyEricsson SK17a/i

SonyEricsson SO-01B

SonyEricsson SO-01C

SonyEricsson SO-02C

SonyEricsson SO-03C

SonyEricsson ST15a/i

SonyEricsson ST17a/i

SonyEricsson ST18a/i

SonyEricsson U20a/i

SonyEricsson WT18/i

SonyEricsson WT19a/i

SonyEricsson X10a/i

SonyEricsson Z1i

If you do not see your model on the list, write to me.


Unlock ? 10 ?

Repair imei ? 10 ?