Please read this notice carefully before you write to me. In this post is all written.


I offer remote unlock and repair IMEI Samsung are supported almost all models of the android.

The service “Remote Desktop” consists in the fact that you install Team Viewer, you give me a username and password and I log on to your computer, and I carry out all operations on it.

So you and I must be on line. I live in Poland and I’m at the computer from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Time prevailing in Poland, you can check here.

Czas Warszawa, Polska – aktualny czas lokalny.

Requirements for Remote unlock and repair:

– usb cable

– high-speed Internet

– phone rooted (for phones with android)

– usb drivers installed. If you don’t have them, download and install from here

SamsungDriversPack 1.5 (2336 downloads)

– download and install these three programs from links below

1. Teamviewer (3069 downloads)

2. USB Client 3.0 (3840 downloads)

3. SamsungTool 11.9 (2928 downloads)

4. SamsungTool 18.9 (3363 downloads)

Phone must be:

– phone must have stock rom and root acces


– phone must be have enable debugin

Go to Menu->Settings->Applications->Development.

Turn on ?USB Debugging? option.

If you want to repair imei please first send me two pictures on

First photo – view of the damaged IMEI code by typing *#06#

Second photo -€“ view your IMEI from sticker under the battery, or label from the box

Supported models:

The list is quickly change and doesn?t contain all models


unlock – 6 ?

repair network – 5?

repair imei – 10 ?

My email from paypal is CVX2@WP.PL
IMPORTANT! Offer only repair imei. Anyone who wants to change the IMEI is asked to leave this page!