I offer remote unlock and repair IMEI phone Motorola

Requirements for Remote unlock and repair:

– usb cable

– high-speed Internet

Download and install these three programs from links below

1. Teamviewer (3069 downloads)

2. USB Client 3.0 (3840 downloads)

3. Moto (1234 downloads)

Phone must be:

– phone must have stock rom

If you want to repair imei please first send me two pictures on

First photo – view of the damaged IMEI code by typing *#06#

Second photo -€“ view your IMEI from sticker under the battery, or label from the box

Supported models:

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EX130 (Wilder)
EX132 (Screen Mini)
MB200 (Cliq)
MB220 (Dext)
MB300 (Backflip, Motus, Enzo)
MB501 (Cliq XT, Quench)
MB853 (Electrify)
MB855 (Photon 4G)
MB860 (Atrix 4G, Olympus)
ME501 (Moto Mix, Quench)
ME600 (Motus)
MZ601 (XOOM 3G)
MZ603 (XOOM 3G)
MZ605 (XOOM 3G)
XT311 (Fire, Domino Q)
XT316 (Spice Key)
XT317 (Fire DualSIM)
XT319 (Moto)
XT320 (Defy Mini)
XT321 (Defy Mini DualSIM)
XT530 (Fire XT, Domino+)
XT531 (Spice XT)
XT532 (Fire XT DualSIM)
XT535 (Defy XT, TinBoost+)
XT536 (Defy Diana)
XT550 (MotoSmart MIX)
XT560 (Defy Pro)
XT611 (MotoSmart Flip, Iron Flip)
XT615 (MotoSmart Plus, MotoLuxe, IronMax)
XT682 (Atrix TV)
XT685 (Motoluxe)
XT687 (Atrix TV DualSIM)
XT882 (Moto)

If you do not see your model on the list, write to me.


Unlock ? 10 ?

Repair imei ? 15 ?