I offer unlock via code, remote unlock and repair IMEI phone LG

Unlock via codes

To generate the code needed is IMEI, turn on your phone, enter *#06# and give me the IMEI that you displays. In the case of a blocked code counter or lack of use of remote unlock. If I’m at the computer code you receive in a few minutes.

Requirements for Remote unlock and repair:

– usb cable

– high-speed Internet

Download and install these three programs from links below

1. Teamviewer (3069 downloads)

2. USB Client 3.0 (3840 downloads)

3. Octopus LG 1.9.7 (1443 downloads)

Phone must be:

– phone must have stock rom

– phone must be have enable debugin

Go to Menu->Settings->Applications->Development.

Turn on ?USB Debugging? option.

If you want to repair imei please first send me two pictures on cvx2@wp.pl

First photo – view of the damaged IMEI code by typing *#06#

Second photo -€“ view your IMEI from sticker under the battery, or label from the box

Supported models LG:

 In the course of creation.  🙂


Unlock via imei – 6 ?

Unlock remontly ? 5 ?

Repair imei ? 10 ?